B Smith

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B Smith
B Smith.png
Gender Female
Species Human
Relatives Father: Todd Smith
Mother: Daisy Smith
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe Zom-B
First Book Appearance Zom-B

Becky "B" Smith was a school pupil who lives in London.



B lives with her racist father, Todd Smith, and her mother, Daisy Smith. When there were reports about a zombie apocalypse on the news, she dismissed them as fake and joked about them. B seems to have a regular life other than the fact her father beats her and her mother if they anger him.

B disliked a black kid called Tyler. She used to steal money from him as he was weak. When Tyler's father accused B of stealing, B's father beat him up. B was having a go at him once until a black girl, called Nancy, stood up for him. B and Nancy ended up having a fight with each other until it was broken up. She was sent to Mrs. Reed's office where the principal revealed that she felt the same about immigrants as B's father.

On a school trip to the Imperial War Museum, B started to see that racism was really horrible. She then saw an Indian woman getting attacked and her baby was stolen. B chased them down and saved the baby, taking on two mutated people wearing hoodies. B was hailed as a hero as a result.

When a zombie apocalypse broke out, B escaped from the gym with a few of her friends and other pupils, including Tyler. B took the lead, along with a black kid called Cass, as they tried to escape. Eventually, most of the group was killed off. B was about to be killed when someone shot the zombies who were trying to kill her. Her father comes to their rescue as the gunman was going after B next and they attempt to leave the school. When they find a blocked fire exit, B's father and some of the group try to smash their way out. Before the door gave fully, the zombies approached them and B's father told her to throw Tyler to the zombies to buy time. B didn't want to at first, but eventually did so. They then exited the building and tried to hold the door up again.

B was sick at what she had done and hated her father because of it. To get away from him, B ended up going back into the building to face the zombies. She met up with the hooded man who stole the baby, and she had been scratched by a zombie. The hooded man told her that she would become a zombie if she didn't die first. Tyler then attacked her and ripped out her heart, leaving B to die.


B seems to be racist, due to her father's influence. However, she doesn't like the idea of being racist and just tries to act like one to please her father. However, the lines between acting and actually being racist became blurred for her.

B seems to be creative with names. She came up with many of the nicknames for her friends and they seem to be fairly loyal to her. One of her first friends, Vinyl, is black and her father forbid B from seeing Vinyl. However, she still meets up with him.

B seems to be fairly violent, often getting into fights, probably more of her father's influence. However, she knows its wrong and can't help herself.

B also has a specific nightmare. She is on a plane next to a woman and a baby. The baby then starts talking and turns out that it has fangs and pupil-less eyes. Then, other babies on the plane, who all look the same, approach her and attack


B, despite being a girl, has short, grade 2 hair. She seems to be fairly strong as she often gets into fights and often comes out on top.


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