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Gender Female
Species Human
Age Alive
Relatives Husband: Jebel Rum
Children: Madhbah, Temenos, Farasa, Deir, Hesani, Samerat, Hubaira and Ramman
Background Information
First Book Appearance The Thin Executioner

Bastina was a friend of Jebel Rum and eventually became his wife and the mother of his eight children.


Bastina was the handmaiden of Debbat Alg and a friend of Jebel. She accidentally gave Jebel the idea of going to Tabaygat to request invincibility from Sabbah Eid. Bastina was worried about him but when he returned she instantly believed that he had met Sabbah Eid and become invincible. Jebel soon fell in love with her and they married. Bastina conceived eight children and named four of them Madhbah, Temenos, Farasa and Deir. Jebel named the other four Tel Hesani, Samerat, Hubaira and Ramman.


Bastina was kind, compassionate and soft hearted. However Jebel complained that she cried too much and she wept when slaves were whipped or when people were executed. Bastina disliked her mistress, Debbat Alg thinking that Debbat was heartless. She was close friends with Jebel and was the only person who instantly believed that he had met Sabbah Eid. She and Jebel eventually fell in love and became husband and wife and concieved eight children together.

Bastina was a rather plain girl and Jebel even went so far as to call her an "ugly little troll". However Jebel later told her that she was only ugly when she cried. Despite her lack of physical beauty, Jebel fell deeply in love with her, because of her kind and gentle personality. Bastina had always known that Jebel possessed mercy and compassion and was delighted when his merciful side revealed itself.