Belinda Darnier

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Belinda Darnier
Profession Hitman agent
Gender Female
Species Human
Relatives Ex-husband: Ed Sievking
Status Alive
Background Information
First Book Appearance Lady of the Shades

Belinda Darnier is the agent of Simon Dale and the ex-wife of Ed Sievking.


Belinda met Ed in Seattle where she then dated him for a few weeks. Eventually, she decided to stick with Ed and got married to him. Shortly after getting married, she told him that she had brain cancer and that she needed some expensive treatment to cure it. Ed started to raise money to pay for the treatment and became a hitman to raise more money.

Eventually, after Ed gave up being a hitman, Belinda asked Simon Dale to kill him, for a lower price. Dale agrees but doesn't kill Ed and tells him that Belinda had been conning him. She wasn't really ill but was taking the money for herself while she and her fake doctor met up often to have sex. Ed, angry and upset, found Belinda at her "doctor"'s house and killed the doctor. However, since he still loved Belinda, he couldn't kill her. Instead, he grabbed a knife and carved up her face, took the money and left.

Eventually, Belinda became Simon Dale's agent and all hit requests went through her first before she sent them onto Dale,