Beranabus' father

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Gender Male
Species Demonata
Relatives Beranabus (son) Brigitta (mate)
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata
First Book Appearance "Death's Shadow"

Beranabus' father was a demon who raped his mother Brigitta. He did not participate in Beranabus's upbringing, making him only his biological father.

The Demonata[edit]

Demon Thief[edit]

Beranabus mentioned his parents to Kernel in the end of the book.

Demon Apocalypse[edit]

Following the Disciples' disruption of the possible demonata invasion, Beranabus reveals that he is half-demon (from his father's side). Beranabus doesn't reveal much about his demonic parent and only states that he had killed his father and used his skull as a chamber pot.

Death's Shadow[edit]

He was summoned by a powerful priestess. Brigitta's fiance angered the priestess so she summmoned Beranabus's father to attack Brigitta's guest and kidnap her. He raped Brigitta and gave birth to Beranabus.