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Blooding is the term used to describe the transfer of Vampiric or Vampaneze blood into the body of a Human or another half Vampire/Vampaneze to transform them into a full Vampire or Vampaneze.

Common Tactics[edit]

The most commonly used way to blood someone is through the finger tips. The Vampire or Vampaneze will make slits in the end of the fingers of them and the person to be blooded. They will then join hands at the cuts and the blood will flow into the other. Done to a Human will make them half of the species, whether it be Half Vampire or Half Vampaneze and done so for a longer time they become full Vampire or Vampeneze (unless a half-Vampire then the same amount of time for half-Vampire or Vampeneze is required)

Vampire-Vampaneze ReBlooding[edit]

It is possible to re-blood a Vampire or Vampaneze to turn them into the opposite species. This has been done to two known people. These are:

The risks of doing so are great and can result in both participants dying. They will suffer from a major attack on the body by the nervous system as a result too.