Blue rat (Transylvania Trek)

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Blue rat
Gender Male
Species Rat
Relatives Sam Grest (Owner)
Unnamed Wife
46 rat babies
Status Imaginary
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance Transylvania Trek

A blue rat appears in the Sam Grest stories, written by Sam Grest. He is a figment of Sam's imagination who plays triple chess with Sam and Moss Biskin.


The rat is the father of forty-six rat babies and has a wife. He lives in Sam's head and helps him with hi missions. When Moss Biskin is in Transylvania, he calls Sam, trying to tell him something vital, but the call is cut off. Sam then states that he will go to Transylvania to find out what happened to him, but the rat says he won't go because it's too dangerous. He does however go, secretly. After Sam is attacked by the werewolf in Dracula's castle, the rat jumps out and injects the werewolf with a cure, tuning him back into Moss Biskin. They then return home and enjoy a meal.


Short Stories[edit]