Bradley Stretch

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Bradley Stretch
Profession Freak
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan

Bradley Stretch was a Cirque performer with the ability to stretch himself into all sorts of shapes. He liked to tease the Little People a lot and play cruel tricks on them. He once performed for a king who was very amused by his preformance and so he  gave Bradley a bracelet . It  was golden and truly magnificent and even had the power to never fall off, even when he is moulding his shape.Eventually, Bradley went missing. One day Bradley dissappeared completely unnoticed, which  was usually normal at the cirque, but it was strange for Bradley, for it was not his style. One day while cleaning the Little people's food pot he found Bradley\s golden braclet, which then made Evra add up that after a prank from Bradley, The Little People had enough, so they took him away, killed him and ate him. Evra took whatever was left of Bradley's remains and fed them to the wolfman. Evra said to Darren that he must of tasted rubbery. Darren and Evra laughed it out after that, only to feel guilty about it and start laughing again, when Hans Hands came into the tent and said that Mr. Tiny would like to see both Evra and Darren.


Bradley Stretch never actually appeared in the story line because Evra said he dissappeared long before Darren joins the cirque. His back story is revealled though, just like many other characters in the  series who are never introduced but are given a back story, like Harnon Oan and Charna. Though this may change with the upcoming 4 part series based on Larten Crepsly's life before he knew young Darren.

  • The Vampire's Assistant (Mentioned only)