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Gender Female
Species Human
Age Unknown
Relatives Beranabus (Son)
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata

Brigitta was Beranabus's mother.

The Demonata[edit]

Demon Thief[edit]

Beranabus mentioned his parents to Kernel in the end of the book.

Demon Apocalypse[edit]

Beranabus told Grubbs and Kernel that after he found out his parent he kill his father.

Death's Shadow[edit]

From birth, she had been promised in marriage to a prince. However when she was 16 years old, a priestess, who was angry with the prince, sent a demon to kidnap her on her wedding day. She returned after the demon impregnated her. The prince, disgusted with her, sent her to Labyrinth in Crete to be killed by the Minotaur. In Labyrinth, she gives birth to Beranabus and names him, before being killed by the demon. ("Death's Shadow")


She dreams of having lots of warrior sons when she was engaged to her fiance.