Cadaver (Original)

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Species Demonata
Age At least 33 years old
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata

Cadaver is a Demon who was sent to steal Artery from Kernel Fleck by Lord Loss.


Cadaver is described to have long slender legs, four arms with hair at the ends, a leathery looking body that in reality feels like beetle brittle, and a head that looks like a cross between a dog's and a human's. He also had white eyes, long droopy ears and no mouth. Near the end of the story, Cadaver is given a mouth.


Demon Thief

Cadaver first appeared when Mrs. Egin sacraficed herself to the lights of the Kah Gash to summmon Cadaver, who managed to kill an entire class of children and kidnap Art before being stopped by a group of four Disciples and retreating through the window he came from. He first went through a world of demonic water and trees, then the Disciples, Beranabus, Sharmila, Nadia, Raz and Kernal, chased him through to the land of the Kallin. after this world Cadaver had enough time to set up a trap for the Disciples in a demonic world covered in fire, while they dealt with a small amount of the Kallin until realizing that there were too many. Cadaver escaped to Lord Loss' world where the Disciples soon followed, minus Raz and Plus Dervish and Shark. Cadaver was put in charge of Art by Lord Loss while the Disciples and him made a deal, he was also gifted with a mouth for his servises. Cadaver, Artery, Nadia's soul, and many other familiars aswell as Lord Loss went inside the the crystal chess board along with Kernal, Dervish and Shark. They chased down Cadaver to a demon world of guts after regrouping and claim that he is the demon thief, however Lord Loss explains that Kernal was wrong. While the demons and Disciples fought Cadaver managed to escape the board and Lord Loss' world.

Death's Shadow

Cadver appeared about 33 years after the events in Demon Thief as one of the few familiars of a cruise ship, along with Juni Swan, who took part in a giant massacre as a way to summon Death. Cadaver was forced against his will to be possesed by Lord Loss and after which had his head explode all over the Lodestone, being the final sacrafice


  • It is unknown who Cadaver's master was, as in Demon Thief, Cadaver was not Lord Loss' familiar.
  • There is an alternate version of Cadaver in Slawter that may or may not be the same as this Cadaver. He has the same name too.

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