Cavern of Rebtribution

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Cavern of Rebtribution
Owner Vampaneze
Affiliation Vampaneze
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First appearance "Killers of the Dawn"

The Cavern of Retribution was a tunnel that was built by the Vampaneze as a trap for the Vampire Hunters.

Killers of the Dawn[edit]

It was used in the book Killers of the Dawn, after when Darren, Harkat, and Mr. Crepsley escaped from prison, they entered the Cavern and met up with Vancha. They then confronted Steve, Gannen, R.V, and of course the Vampaneze Lord. Mr. Crepsley then battled Steve, Gannen, and the lord. Crepsley killed the lord by throwing him into a pit of burning stakes, only to be thrown in himself by Steve. Steve then tells Darren that he is the true lord of the Vampaneze.


It was described to have a platform for the floor and burning stakes below it, similar to the Hall of Death in Vampire Mountain, only bigger.