Debbat Alg

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Debbat Alg
Profession High maid
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Background Information
First Book Appearance The Thin Executioner

Debbat Alg was a beautiful girl whom Jebel Rum had feelings for.


She was the high maid of Wadi and Bastina was her handmaiden. Debbat helped Jebel get permission to go to Tabaygat, though only because she wanted to be honoured if Jebel didn't return or married to the most powerful man in Wadi if he did. When Jebel returned, Debbat was arrogantly sure that he would choose her as his wife but later grew to hate Jebel since she felt he brought shame upon Wadi. Jebel lost interest in Debbat and married Bastina instead.


Debbat Alg was an extremely beautiful girl but she was also vain, petty, shallow and arrogant. She was eager to be honoured and only helped Jebel get permission to go to Tabaygat because she would be honoured if he failed or married to an invincible husband if he didn't. However Debbat had no feelings for Jebel; instead she had her eye on his elder brothers J'An and J'Al and couldn't decide which she wanted more. Debbat was smugly certain that Jebel would choose her as his wife, which displays her vanity and arrogance. Debbat was also considerably less compassionate than Jebel or Bastina, being indifferent to the brutal way slaves were treated or the fact that people were executed on a daily basis. However she did appear to love her father, Wadi Alg and was playful and affectionate around him.