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Darren and Steve frozen between a flitting punch by Mr. Tiny

Flit is the term Vampires use when they run at superhuman speed. It allows the Vampires or Vampaneze to run at immense speeds so that they can get to places quicker.

In the Books[edit]

Flitting is only done by full Vampires and Vampaneze as Half-Vampires and Half-Vampaneze are unable to do so. It is an unwritten Vampire law that you are not allowed to flit on the journey to Vampire Mountain. Flitting can charge up static energy that can be used to open locks as well. During rise of the Lord of the Vampaneze laws were bent and Vampires were allowed to flit to Vampire Mountain. These laws will probably never change again. Only princes can change the rules.

In the Movie[edit]

Flitting is similar to the books except Half-Vampires and Half-Vampaneze can do it. They can even seem to disappear when they flit fast enough. Vampires and Vampaneze can both do it, but when they flit they have to hold their breath. Like when Mr. Crepsley took Darren to the hospital to save Steve, Crepsley took a breath of air before flitting out of the theatre. When Crepsley got to the hospital with Darren after flitting Darren seemed to be gasping for air for he could probably couldn't withstand the speed that he was going at. When Vampires and Vampaneze flit they can't flit for long. Mr. Crepsley constantly has to stop and breath for air before flitting again.



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