Future wasteworld

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Residents Dragons
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First appearance "The Lake of Souls"
Last appearance "Sons of Destiny"

The future wasteworld is a term used to describe Earth in the future. It is a desolate land ruled purely by dragons. There are some humans here which may be relatives of the Guardians of Blood named the Kulashkas. It is full of different types of land from desert to jungle to swamp.


As well as the dragons and some humans, there is also a huge monster named the Grotesque that lives here as well as other swamp creatures and the world's largest toad. It also has many creatures that resemble present day Earth creatures but have evolved more. The Panther is a fierce predator which Darren and Harkat have to fight.

Darren and Harkat[edit]

Harkat Mulds and Darren Shan came here to find out who Harkat used to be. After traveling through desert, jungle and swamp and almost being killed by a panther and a large toad and meeting up with Spits Abrams, they reach the Lake of Souls. Here, it is heavily guarded by dragons. They use the Grotesque venom inside the Gelatinous orbs and use them as makeshift bombs to defeat the dragons and scare them away. Spits falls into the Lake removing the protection just as Harkat pulls out his soul.

Years Further[edit]

Years further than that, dragons have totally taken over and rule the entire world.