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Lycanthropy is a 'disease' that turns people into werewolves.

The Demonata series[edit]

Lycanthropy is a major part of The Demonata series and plays a big part in the build up to the last book.


Between 350AD and 400AD, Bec McConn's actual family were suffering as their numbers were dwindling. They needed to find a way to get their numbers up and that is when the Demonata came into their world. The Demonata bred with the humans and they had babies. Some would transform into a wolfen-like creature in their teens. These were the first Werewolves. They were chained up in a few houses to stop them from killing any one. The lycanthropy gene was passed on through people and so the 'curse' was born.

Known Lycanthropy sufferers[edit]

People known to have suffered from Lycanthropy are: