Hall of Princes

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Hall of Princes
Location Vampire Mountain
Owner Vampires
Residents Paris Skyle
Mika Ver Leth
Affiliation Vampires (owners)
Desmond Tiny (creator)
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First appearance "Vampire Mountain"
Last appearance "Hunters of the dusk"

The Hall of Princes is a special chamber made out of a substance that only Desmond Tiny knows about. It is impossible to break using any object although Mr. Tiny could break it with a click of his fingers due to him making it. It is where the Vampire Princes reside and can only be opened by them and Mr. Tiny. The Little People also have tools to fix it, given to them by Mr. Tiny.

The Hall is the most heavily guarded in the entire mountain due to the people who reside in it. Trials are held here as are meeting between Vampire Generals and the Princes. There is a passageway leading up to the corridor hidden by a thin slab of stone which Darren found with the help of some wolves.


  • "Vampire Mountain"
  • "Trials of Death"
  • "Vampire mountain"
  • "Hunters of the Dusk"