Hell's Horizon

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Hell's Horizon is a novel written by Darren Shan, first published in 2000, with a modified version re-published in March 2009, with significant changes made by the author. It is the second book in Shan's The City trilogy, being preceded by Procession of the Dead and followed by City of Snakes. Shan published the book under a new pen name D.B Shan, instead of his other pen name Darren Shan, to prevent children from reading the book, as it is intended for adult audiences, unlike most of Shan's previous works. The story runs parallel to its predecessor, Procession of the Dead.


The plot of Hell's Horizon concerns the main protagonist, Al Jeery, who works as a guard in party central, home of the powerful and influential Cardinal, in an unnamed city. The Cardinal hires him to investigate the murder of a woman, but Jeery discovers that the woman is in fact his girlfriend. His investigation leads him into a bizarre mystery where he encounters the mysterious assassin Paucar Wami.