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Jekkus is a freak who started out as a ticket man for Mr. Tall. He then started to go on stage as a prized knife juggler often teaming up with Cormac Limbs, who would pretend to be an annoyed audience member, then Jekkus would cut off his arms, freaking out the crowd. He was more of a backround character until later books where Jekkus introduced Darren to Tommy (again), without Jekkus knowing that wasn't the best idea. In the final battle between the vampaneze and vampires , Jekkus teamed up with Vancha March where he would throw his knives and Vancha his shurikens. It is unknown weather or not Jekkus survived the battle. It was later revealed that before Jekkus was a Ticket man he did what Mags was shown to do in The Vampire's Assistant, he took care of the products and told the little people what to do with them.

It's interesting to note that Jekkus was completely absent in the Cirque du Freak manga, as all his parts were given to Cormac Limbs.


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