Killers of the Dawn

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Killers of the Dawn
Date Released 2003
Author Darren Shan
Series The Saga of Darren Shan
Publisher Ted Smart / The Book People
Number of Pages 206
Previous Book "Allies of the Night"
Succeeding Book "The Lake of Souls"

The book begins with the vampires fleeing the tunnels.

Vancha captures and tortures an vampet, Mark Ryter, at their base. They find out that only the Vampaneze Lord could kill them.and steve seted a trap for them at the base, by imforming the police that they were the killers. They were then captured by the police and taken to prison (Vancha escapes with the Alice Burgess).

Darren escapes with Harkat Mulds and Mr. Crepsley,but later on they were pursued by the police ,and an angry mob, later on when they finally eacape the police and angry mob, they then go down to the tunnels and meet up with Vancha. They got to the Cavern of Rebtribution and fought the vampaneze and vampets. Mr. Crepsley fought the Vampaneze Lord, Steve Leopard and Gannen Harston a platform over a pit filled with fire and steel tiped stakes. Mr. Crepsley kills the Vampaneze Lord, but Steve knocked Mr. Crepsley into the pit full of sharpened, steel-tipped, fire-coated stakes.

Everyone then leaves the cavern.but not before Steve and Gannen Harst take Darren aside and Steve reveals that he is the true Vampaneze Lord, and then Harst knocked Darren out his special breathe which can knock people out.

Darren leaves with Vancha, Harkat, Debbie and Alice Burgess. They leave Mr. Crepsley's remains in the pit of stakes.