Kirilli Kovacs

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Kirilli Kovacs
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata

Kirilli Kovacs (a former student of Disciple Zahava Lever) was introduced in Death's Shadow, he was found hiding in a lifeboat aboard a ship full of zombies and the site where Death fought and defeated Beranabus. When he was younger he wanted to become a stage magician, but lacked the knack for it; however, when he was found on the ship he was dressed undercover as a magician. He shows a complete lack of courage in battle and is known to be more of a spy for the Disciples than a fighter. At the end of Death's Shadow he is floating in the ocean in a lifeboat with Dervish and Bec.

In Wolf Island he is found in the hospital with Bec and Dervish he brags to the nurses about being the one who saved them from the shadows and the sinking boat but doesn't want to help them fight the demons when a window opens in the city.

In Hell's Hero's Grubbs makes Kirilli watch Kernel so he doesn't creat a new pair of eyes, he goes with Kernel and Grubbs to Lord Loss's relm where he gathers the courge to fight back. Near the end of the book, Kirilli is killed by a demon master after a very brief fight.

Kirillia is considered not of fighter nature and usually attempts to escape during the fight. He often annoys other characters by bragging about his nonexisting bravery. However, he proves to become a strong fighter when desperate. (According to Grubbs, who thinks he could make a powerful mage if he could overcome his fear.) Kirilli then begins to gain respects from the disciples before being killed later during a fight with powerful demon masters.