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The lights are patches of light floating in the sky using to create Window. It is featured in the Demonata series. Each light is of different colors and shapes. But it cannot change its original color or shape. The lights are able to move or float around from places to places. All the lights are invisible to every being except Kernel Fleck, one of the main protagonists in the series, who is capable to see these lights by being The Eye of Kah-Gash since born. The lights can be used to create Windows to any places in the universes. The spell used for creating Window usually takes long time to cast. Magicians and powerful Mages can complete the spell in few hours if it is cast in area with strong sense of magic. If not, the spell might take days to work. Others are not capable of opening Windows at all. The only character who can open a Window within minutes is Kernel Fleck as he can see and summon the lights to be patched all together in order to open a Window.

It is later revealed in Hell's Heroes that the lights are in fact fragment pieces of Kah-Gash. The lights then disappear after its piece, The Eye, is reunited with other 2 pieces, The Trigger and The Memory.


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