Lord of the Shadows (character)

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Lord of the Shadows
Gender Male
Species Vampire or Vampaneze
Status Not made
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance "Sons of Destiny"

The Lord of the Shadows is a destructive being, destined to be Darren's or Steve's future self, depending which side wins The War of the Scars. If the Vampires win Darren will become the Lord of the Shadows, but if the Vampaneze win Steve will become the Lord of the Shadows. The Lord Of The Shadows is a being that will become so powerful it will literally destroy the whole world. Darren will become evil after killing Steve, which will make him the Lord of Shadows, and the destruction of the world. Darren fears this, and in the end of the series, manages to avoid it and go to Paradise after striking a deal with Mr. Tiny by the help of Evanna.