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Mage are humans who can use magic and draw their magic from either the Demonata, Windows, or being in the Demonata Universe.

The Demonata[edit]

Lord Loss (book)[edit]

Demon Thief[edit]

Kernel Fleck, and most of The Disciples are mages. While Beranabus is the only magican.

Slawter (book)[edit]

Bec (book)[edit]

Blood Beast[edit]

Demon Apocalypse[edit]

Death's Shadow[edit]

Wolf Island (book)[edit]

Dark Calling[edit]

Hell's Heroes[edit]


Mages need to chant spells to use most of their magic. While magicians don't need to. The only times a Mage can use magic naturally is if they are in great peril, and even then their powers cannot match that of a Magician .