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Malora ran away when she was five or six and Evanna found her. She first meets Mr.Crepsley when she is 12 or 13. She does not like being Evanna's assistant and can't run away until she finds someone good enough to take her back to human civilization (Larten). After Larten tries to kiss Evanna and she cuts his cheek, he runs to the lake and tries to clean the wound. Malora offers to stitch it for him, but he says no. She demands that he take her with him when he leaves and after a while he says yes. She is still with him when she is 16. Men everywhere try to woo her but she never showed any interest. She takes care of Larten when he is sick. She even makes him a bath before he goes to meet Paris Skyle. Paris Skyle wants to train Larten himself to become a general, but Larten says it will be a while before he could blood Malora if he did. After that Malora says she had no interest in being blooded. She said that she knew Larten was the man for her the moment she layed eyes on him. Larten is the love of her life. Larten being sick wants to sail and they get on the Pearly Tornado so they get on. Malora is very popular on the ship. A young boy Daniel Abrams has a crush on Malora. When Larten can't get blood for himself Malora must get it for him using vials. She gets the blood from unconcious drunks when she gets off the boat when they dock. Daniel see's Larten drink from a woman on the ship and Malora tries to cover for him but the ship people don't believe her. They give her a choice: stand with Larten or stand with them. She chooses Larten and fights for her life and him knowing she'll die and not being able to love Larten like she wanted to. Waking from his sickness Larten seeks revenge when he finds out the captain of the ship hung Malora and kills everyone on the ship except a high ranking ship mate, two men, Daniel Abrams and a baby. It is unknown if Larten was actually in love with Malora but he certainly cared about her and devastated by her death. He felt guilty for not being able to save her.