Mika Ver Leth

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Mika Ver Leth
Mika Ver Leth from manga by Takahiro Arai.
Profession Vampire General
Vampire Prince
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Age 270
Status Alive
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance Vampire Mountain

Mika Ver Leth is a Vampire Prince whom at first Darren despised. He dresses in all black, as that is his custom. He has shiny, jet black hair (portrayed as long in the manga) and dark eagle-like eyes. His features are sharp and raven-like. He was the youngest prince before Darren at a mere 270 years old. He is very stern, gloomy, ugly and grumpy. He has many wrinkles on his forehead and sides of his mouth from always frowning. He rarely, if ever, smiles. Because of this he gives off a very intimidating persona. Like all princes, he has huge muscles and is quite tall (over 6 feet). He is very loyal to the Vampire clan and prizes honor and good-standing above all else. In the fight for Vampire Mountain in book 6, Mika led the second wave of fighters against the Vampaneze. He enjoys fighting and hates icky spiders. Seba had told Darren of Ba'Shan's spiders, Darren said to Seba do not tell Mika because he would stamp them out of existence.



  • In an appearance at a book signing in New Jersey, USA, Darren Shan said that Mika was Arra Sails' mentor and perhaps even a rival of Larten Crepsley's for her affection.