Paucar Wami

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Paucar Wami
Paucar wami.jpg
Profession Assassin
Gender Male
Species Ayuamarcan
Status Unknown
Background Information
Book Universe The City trilogy
First Book Appearance Procession of the Dead

Paucar Wami is an famous Ayuamarcan assassin created by Ferdinand Dorak.


He is known far and wide for his sadistic and violent murders. He discriminates against no one, killing men, women, and children.

He can have children (unlike his fellow Dreams made flesh) and can be away from the city for a long time. His son, Al Jeery asked for his help when working a case.


He died when Ferdinand Dorak jumped off the roof, leaving all his creations to die without him, except for Capac Raimi. However, he later returned through unknown means.