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Perula Athim (Pronounced Per-oola A-teem) was a character from the Demonata series. She is the daughter of Prae Athim, although she is never seen she is mentioned by Prae afew times in the series.


In "Slawter", Prae Athim comes to the Grady mansion in Carcery Vale hoping to find a new way to cure lycanthropy. When she asks Grubbs' permission to study both him and Bill-E, he replies negatively, so Prae loses her temper and brings up Perula, stating that she is affected by the curse too and with out his help she and many other teenagers will be cursed forever and most likely all killed after an extent of time.

Perula was never brought up again until "Wolf Island", where Meera questioned if Prae would go as far as to experiment on her own daughter, making Prae angrily reply that Meera knows nothing about Perula. Prae then denies experimenting on her. This is where Perula's name is first mentioned. This is also the last time Perula is mentioned in the series. It is suspected that Perula was among the werewolves that were kidnapped to Wolf Island, but it is unknown whether or not she survived the events if she was.



  • Since Perula is a werewolf, she is presumably related to the Gradys, but it is unknown how.
  • It is possible that Prae was the sister to Cal and Dervish Grady and just married and had her last name changed to Athim. this would make Perula Grubbs' cousin.
  • Seeing as Perula was a werewolf when Prae made her first appearance, it is likely that Perula is older than both Bill-E and Grubbs.
  • It is possile that Curly may be Perula.