Procession of the Dead

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Irish/English cover

Procession of the Dead is a book written by Darren O'Shaughnessy (more commonly known by his pen-name Darren Shan) that was originally published in February 1999 in the UK under the name of Ayuamarca. It is the first book in The City trilogy. It was re-released in March 2008 following Darren Shan's popularity under the new title.


The book begins with Capac Raimi stepping off a train to begin his new life as a gangster in a city he appears to admire. He keeps his ticket when he notices there is no one there to take it and decides he will show it to his children when he is older. After exiting the station he sees an odd anomaly; a single clound raining in a very contained area. A blind man runs out and stands under the rain, he stares at Capac before returning back to the crowd and vanishing. Capac hails a taxi and heads to his Uncle Theo's house. Theo was a gangster who lost his wife during the birth of his child; which died shortly after. Because of this Theo broke and turned to alchol and drugs, his influence on other gangsters slipped. Eventually he pulled himnself out of his pit of despair and rebuilt his small empire. Capac joins him as his heir and learns the tricks of the trade. Soon they get a deal that will aid them massively in the drug business, Capac, Theo and 3 guards go to meet the dealer. Before anything can be arranged; Theo and the guards are shot dead by snipers and Capac is taken to the head of all gangsters, the most powerful and influential man in the City, The Cardinal.


  • Capac Raimi - A young and eager gangster. He has a talent for persuasion and was dreamed of by the Cardinal who believes he is special. Capac learns more about the tricks of the trade whilst in the City and comes to face difficult decisions in his life before fighting for it. He is an Ayuamarcan.
  • Ferdinand Dorak , better known as the Cardinal - The most powerful and influential man in the City. When young he was orphaned after his mothers death (he never knew his father) and becomes a violent, untrained gangster. When trained by Leonora Shankar he became and efficent and ruthless mastermind; rather than a ruthless murderer. He built an empire and now nothing happens in the City without his knowledge.