Rakhebt Wadak

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Rakhebt Wadak
Profession God of Death
Gender Male
Species God
Status Divine
Background Information
First Book Appearance The Thin Executioner

Rakhebt Wadak is the god of death.


Rakhebt Wadak was a ferryman who took people to the land of the dead. He picked up Jebel Rum shortly before he died and made friends with him. Jebel told him about his life and his quest to Tabaygat. Jebel managed to persuade the god of death to return him to the world of the living by saying that he could keep Rakhebt Wadak company when he died a second time. He pointed out that Rakhebt Wadak had never had a chance to see to an old friend before and that if he let him go he could look forward to their next meeting. Eventually Rakhebt Wadak agreed to return him to the world of the living. Jebel often thought about Rakhebt Wadak and wandered when the god of death would come calling for him.


Though he was a god, Rakhebt Wadak often got lonely from having to spent thousands of years ferrying souls to the land of the dead. He claimed that loneliness didn't describe his true feeling but it was the closest word he could use. He experienced neither pleasure nor displeasure but admitted that Jebel's story was engaging and thanked him for it. Though he looked and sounded intimidating, Rakhebt Wadak was quite friendly, befriending Jebel Rum and saying that he sometimes brought other souls onto his deck so that they could chat. He said that he couldn't resign from his job as a ferryman no matter how much he wanted to and felt that he was a slave. He described his duty as not a job but as what he was, suggesting that he existed only to ferry the dead. Despite this, no one could punish him if he chose to bend the rules of life and death and he agreed to give Jebel Rum another chance to live, though he warned him that the other gods would not approve of it.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Rakhebt Wadak had the ability to sense a persons death shortly before it happened, allowing him to collect their souls just before they died so that they could keep him company.