Sabbah Eid

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Sabbah Eid
Profession God
Gender Female
Status Divine
Background Information
First Book Appearance The Thin Executioner

Sabbah Eid was a god-like being who resided inside the mountain of Tubaygat.


Sabbah Eid was the last of an ancient earth race. When her people died out as humans began to evolve, she was able to stay and live in the sacred mountain of Tubaygat in Makhras. Sabbah Eid then told the first people to come to Tubaygat about a quest, if travelled according to it's rules correctly, the quester would be blessed by Sabbah Eid with invincibility after they sacrificed their travelling companion to Sabbah Eid. In fact Sabbah Eid only blessed those who were truly pure souls and executed the evil people who had come seeking power.

It should be noted that despite the belief that Sabbah Eid was male she was actually female. She also said she went by many names so her true name is unknown.

Eventually a young Um Aineh quester from Wadi called Jebel Rum, and his slave Tel Hesani, came to Tubaygat and were forced inside by the Um Biyara Qasr Bint and five of his followers. Sabbah Eid killed a Um Biyara woman who entered unaccordingly. Appearing first as a ball of fire, she tested each of them to see if they were telling the truth and ultimately executed Qasr Bint and the Um Biyara in a wave of fire. Then Sabbah Eid transformed into a giant fiery cobra with the face of a man. Sabbah Eid then turned into a very old woman, she blessed Jebel when he refused to sacrifice the already dying Tel Hesani and lead him to a tunnel. She made a ball of light and told him to follow this and it would lead him back to Wadi.


Sabbah Eid was loving and caring at heart, but she considered herself an executioner and would always destroy evil people who came before her. However she blessed anyone who was capable of mercy and compassion. Sabbah Eid also claimed that she did not have the ability to be a teacher, thinking that she could only execute evil people rather than try to reason with them.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Sabbah Eid had the power to make truly noble people invincible. She could transform into a being who a quester believed the god Sabbah Eid looked like, becoming a cobra made of fire when Jebel came to petition her, though she could transform into many other forms as well. She was also able to incinerate evil people in seconds. Additionally she could illuminate light from her body, and sent a light to guide Jebel back home.