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In Death's Shadow, the Disciples fight zombies and The Shadow on a ship. The Shadow uses a lodestone in the hold of the ship to create a portal from the demonata universe onto the ship, it also created a bubble of magic around the ship which means that the Demonata can survive there for an indefinite amount of time, the bubble allows Sharmila's legs and Dervish's heart to work while inside the bubble. It is implied that the Demonata released through the tunnel slaughtered all the passengers and staff aboard the ship as there are bodies lying all over the deck and internal rooms.

When the Disciples arrive on the ship they find it deserted, when they reach the hold of the ship they find the lodestone, Juni and Cadaver (who has been magically restrained). Lord Loss uses Cadaver as a mouth piece to talk to the Disciples and tries to persuade Beranabus to join the Demonata. When this fails Lord Loss explodes Cadavers head and sprays the lodestone with his blood and releases The Shadow.

The Shadow reanimates the dead bodies and sets them on the Disciples. It is here that Bec discovers the true nature of the Shadow when it attacks her and she receives its memories. To allow the others to escape, Beranabus transforms into his demon form and attacks the lodestone, he succeeds in destroying it but in doing so, allows The Shadow to destroy him.

The Shadow is then pulled through the bottom of the ship which begins to sink. The Disciples fight their way through the zombies back up to the deck to see Kernel fighting for his life. Before they can help, him he vanishes in a flash of light, removing any means of them opening a portal in time to escape. The Disciples are now trapped on the ship as they cannot pass through the magical bubble so Sharmila forces the other Disciples to sacrifice her to make a hole in the magical wall. The surviving Disciples then escape on a life boat as the ship sinks into the sea.