Slawter (location)

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Owner Davida Haym
Residents Cast and crew of the movie Slawter
Affiliation The movie Slawter
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata
First appearance "Slawter"
Last appearance "Slawter"

Slawter is a fictional town that was the set for the movie "Slawter". It was a real town at first but was left abandoned until the movie started to be made. It is far away from any nearby towns or cities as Davida Haym wanted to keep it a secret that she was making a movie.

Many of the buildings here are converted to allow accommodation for the cast and crew. Only the buildings that need to be seen inside in the movie are real. There are two massive warehouses on one side that keep all of the props and costumes in. One also houses some Demonata and a Lodestone.

Slawter was taken over by the Demonata and a few humans managed to escape through the magical barrier around it but Slawter was afterwards burnt to the ground to cover up the Demonata.