Steve Leonard

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Steve "Leopard" Leonard
Gender Male
Species Vampaneze
Relatives Mrs. Leonard (mother)
Desmond Tiny (father)
Darren Shan (half-brother)
Hibernius Tall (half-brother)
Evanna (half-sister)
Status Deceased (Book series)
Alive (Movie)
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance Cirque Du Freak
Movie/Book Character Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
Acted By Josh Hutcherson

Steve Leonard (better known as Steve Leopard) is the main antagonist of the Darren Shan's The Saga of Darren Shan series.

Steve Leonard from the manga by Takahiro Arai

The Saga of Darren Shan[edit]

Cirque Du Freak[edit]

In the first book, he was Darren's best friend, but after Darren became a half-vampire, Steve felt betrayed and swore to track him down and kill him. Before it, though, he was obsessed with vampires and collected stakes. He is the father of Darius Shan, who he had with Annie Shan. He is killed by Darren in the last book.

The Vampire Prince[edit]

The Coffin of Fire was a magical coffin that when closed, would burst into flames but only harming the one inside. Whoever survived the flames would be the Lord of the Vampaneze. Steve was that one. Steve was chosen to enter the coffin by Gannen Harst, brother of Vancha March.

Hunters of the Dusk[edit]

He revealed himself as the Lord of the Vampaneze as of book seven, Hunters of the Dusk.

Lord of the Shadows[edit]

Steve was careless as the Lord of the Vampaneze. He would make plans that were too complicated for his minions to follow. They were too theatrical. And if he got one of his enemies in his clutch, he would gloat and give them a chance to escape.

Sons of Destiny[edit]

Steve and Darren met in a final battle in their hometown. They dueled to the death. In the end Darren got the upper hand and stabbed Steve in the chest, it was fatal, but not an immediate kill. Steve lay there, paralyzed with shock, when Desmond Tiny showed up. Mr. Tiny announced that he was the father of the two battling parties. Steve begged Mr. Tiny to take him as a son, since Mr. Tiny chose the winner, Darren, to be at his side. Evanna was present at this time and was as shocked as anyone else. Her brother Mr. Tall, had died earlier that day, and was shocked to find out she had two more brothers. Mr. Tiny disowned Steve at that moment and left him to die. Darren, who did not want to be owned by Mr.Tiny, let Steve stab him until they both died.


  • He had 62 books about Vampires and had seen at least 50 movies about Vampires.
  • He once squirted ketchup on his mum's bed and left a plastic bat in the 'blood'.
  • He liked to drink his own blood when he was human.
  • In the manga version of the book, Steve closely resembles Killua Zoldyck. A character from another manga Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi.

In the Film[edit]

Steve is Darren's (secret) best friend. His mum is always drunk and his dad is long gone. He dislikes his life and Darren was the only thing to make him feel good. However, that all changed after Darren became half-vampire instead of Steve.


Steve was a bad influence on Darren. He would often lead him into trouble. When Darren told him they had to be "secret best friends", he didn't like it at all. A flier for the Cirque du Freak came out of a car and they decided to go to that. There, Steve saw Vur Horsten, a vampire under the name of Mr. Crepsley.

After the show, Steve went to find Mr. Crepsley to ask to become a vampire. His blood was evil though. He then swore to kill him and left. He then found out that Darren had stolen Madam Octa, who then bit Steve. Steve was then in a coma, which Darren cured with the help of Mr. Crepsley. Steve then found out that Darren had 'died'.

At the funeral, Steve saw the marks on Darren's fingers and started shouting at him, only to be pulled off by Mr. Kersey. Steve gave Darren his PSP and left. At school, Steve punched a student in the face for bad mouthing Darren and threw his test paper at Mr. Kersey's face.

After being turned down by the Vampires, Steve finds the Vampaneze and joins their ranks. Murlough was his mentor. His first 'victim' is Mr. Kersey as he disliked him. Like this, Steve then made up a plan to kill Darren and Crepsley, leading them back to the Theatre. Darren comes to rescue his family and Rebecca. He and Steve fight before being stopped by Mr. Tiny. Mr. Tiny and Steve then leave the theater.


Steve is rash and a bad influence. He is quick to judge and will get into fights easily. He can hold a grudge easily and will go through elaborate plans to get what he wants.



Short Stories[edit]