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Darren Shan saga
Book title Template name
"Cirque Du Freak" use {{cx01}}
"The Vampire's Assistant" use {{cx02}}
"Tunnels of Blood" use {{cx03}}
"Vampire Mountain" use {{cx04}}
"Trials of Death" use {{cx05}}
"The Vampire Prince" use {{cx06}}
"Hunters of the Dusk" use {{cx07}}
"Allies of the Night" use {{cx08}}
"Killers of the Dawn" use {{cx09}}
"The Lake of Souls" use {{cx10}}
"Lord of the Shadows" use {{cx11}}
"Sons of Destiny" use {{cx12}}
Demonata series
Book title Template name
"Lord Loss" use {{dx01}}
"Demon Thief" use {{dx02}}
"Slawter" use {{dx03}}
"Bec" use {{dx04}}
"Blood Beast" use {{dx05}}
"Demon Apocalypse" use {{dx06}}
"Death's Shadow" use {{dx07}}
"Wolf Island" use {{dx08}}
"Dark Calling" use {{dx09}}
"Hell's Heroes" use {{dx10}}