The City trilogy

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The City trilogy is a trilogy of three adult books by Darren Shan, originally written under the pen name "D.B. Shan". The third book was originally never published, and the books went out of print until 2008. They were published by Orion Publishing Group.

The first, renamed Procession of the Dead, was re-released in March 2008, and the other two followed in March 2009 and March 2010 respectively. The first two were originally released under the pen-name of D.B. Shan but were subsequently re-issued along with the third book under the name of Darren Shan.

The story of The City Book Trilogy revolves around an unnamed city ruled by gangsters and a group of ancient Incan Priests who wield the magical power of 'the Ayuamarcans'. The stories of the first two book run parallel to each other, while the third book takes place ten years after the first two. The City Book Trilogy is not recommended for children since it features mature themes such as violence, racism, alcoholism, drugs and crimes. There are also suggestive themes and foul languages.