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The Disciples are a group of Mages from "The Demonata" series. They travel the world and the Demons' universes attempting to keep humans safe from the Demons. Their long-term goal is to find the legendary Kah-Gash, a weapon that is said to be able to either destroy the human universe or the Demonata universes and every demon in them.

List of Disciples[edit]

Name First Appearance Status Book Count Notes
Beranabus "Demon Thief" Deceased 5 Leader
Kernel Fleck "Demon Thief" Alive, blind 6 Part of the Kah-Gash
Shark "Demon Thief" Deceased 7 Male Disciple . Killed by a demon master.
Sharmila Mukherji "Demon Thief" Deceased 7 Female Disciple. Died to save the others
Dervish Grady "Lord Loss" Deceased 9 Grubbs Grady's uncle. Died from a heart attack and wounds.
Nadia Moore "Demon Thief" Deceased 1 as a Disciple, 3 as Juni, 3 as a zombie Betrayed the group and became Lord Loss' assistant. Later she changed her name to Juni Swan. Killed by Meera.
Raz Warlo "Demon Thief" Deceased 1 Killed by demons
Meera Flame "Lord Loss" Deceased 6 Blew up Juni Swan along with herself.
Unnamed elderly disciple "Demon Apocalypse" Deceased 1+ 1 mentioned

Appeared in an alternate timeline

Grubbs Grady "Lord Loss" Alive 8 Part of the Kah- Gash
Bec McConn Bec Alive

6+ 1 As a Ghost

Part of the Kah-Gash
Kirilli Kovacs Death's Shadow Deceased 4 Killed by a demon master