The Saga Short Stories

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Below is a list of short stories written by Darren Shan. They are considered canon by fans, except for "Shanta Clause".

An Essay on Vampires by Steve Leonard[edit]

Main Character: Steve Leonard
Other characters mentioned: Darren, Mrs. Leonard
Ties in with: Cirque Du Freak (set some time before)

Annie's Diary[edit]

Main Character: Annie Shan
Other characters mentioned: Darren, A Classmate Named Maya, Truska, Dermot Shan, Angela Shan, Madam Octa, The Goat, Wolf Man, The woman attacked by the Wolf Man, Mr. Tall
Ties in with: Cirque Du Freak

Tiny Terrors[edit]

Takes place during The Vampire's Assistant. It centres around the mysterious Desmond Tiny.

Transylvania Trek[edit]

A short story "written" by Sam Grest, a character from book 2.

Shanta Clause[edit]

This is actually a non-canon series of short stories. A new story is published every Christmas.

Main Character: Shanta Clause
Other characters mentioned: Mrs. Clause, Rudolph, Steve, Tommy Jones, Alan Morris, Desmond Tiny, Annie Shan, Dermot Shan, Angela Shan, Grest Family, Sam the Polar Bear, Lord Loss, Artery, Vein, R. V., Rhamus Twobellies, Mr. Tall, Truska, Debbie Hemlock, Darren, Larten Crepsley, Evra, Uncle Derek
Ties in with: Tunnels of Blood

Lonely Lefty[edit]

A story centering around Harkat Mulds that takes place during the events of Tunnels of Blood.

Bride of Sam Grest[edit]

A short story "written" by Sam Grest, a character from book 2.

An Affair of the Night[edit]

Main Character: Gavner Purl and Liz Carr
Ties in with: Vampire Mountain