Todd Smith

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Todd Smith
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Gender Male
Species Human
Relatives Daughter: B Smith
Wife: Daisy Smith
Status Alive
Background Information
Book Universe Zom-B
First Book Appearance Zom-B

Todd Smith is the racist father of B Smith.



At some point, after Tyler's father accused B of stealing from Tyler, Todd Smith beat Tyler's father up. After this, B stopped stealing from Tyler.

He and B were joking about the news reports about the zombie apocalypse, believing it to be fake. However, when his wife, Daisy, started to annoy him, he threatened her. B managed to get him out of this state though by joking with him some more.

After B had saved an Indian baby from a kidnapper, Daisy was extremely happy at her "hero". However, Todd was the opposite, believing that B should have left the baby to be taken as it was Indian. After Daisy disagreed with this, Todd hit her, hit B and then strangled Daisy until she agreed with him. He then made her go and make tea for them.

When the zombies started to attack B's school, Todd, along with some of the other parents, came in to rescue their children, armed with guns. He led B and her group of survivors back to the fire exit they entered through, only to find it had been locked by a chain. He and several of the group rammed it to break through. The zombies started to close in and Todd ordered B to throw Tyler to the zombies to save time. After getting angry at B for not doing so and shouting, B threw Tyler to the zombies. After this, B decided that she had enough of her father being like this and ran back into the building to face the zombies.


Todd Smith is a violent, racist person. He attacks his wife and child for angering him or not agreeing with him. He often goes to meetings where people discuss how to get rid of immigrants and makes it perfectly clear that he doesn't like them, often attacking them just to make a point.