Tommy Jones

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Tommy 'Tom' Jones
Profession Soccer player
Gender Male
Species Human
Age twelve in first book and 32 lord of the shadows
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Saga of Darren Shan
First Book Appearance Cirque Du Freak
Movie/Book Character Tom Jones
First Movie Appearance laughed when Steve punched the kid in the face.
Acted By Justin price

Tommy Jones, also known as Tom Jones, was one of Darren Shan's best friends in childhood. He played goalkeeper in soccer. After Darren's 'death', he grew up to become a great goalkeeper, playing professionally. He also shortened his name to just Tom.

In a cup final, held in Darren and Tommy's home town, R.V. and Morgan James came along and killed him, probably because of his affiliation with Darren. He bled to death as Darren chased his murderers.


Due to his fame, Tommy had many sporting memorabilia made for him. These included CDs of Tom Jones with pictures of Tommy stuck on the front, due to their similar names.