Two unnamed children

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{{Infobox Character| name = Two unnamed children| image = | profession = Unborn| gender = ?????| species = Third Vampire, Third Vampaneze, Third Evanna| age = Unborn| relatives = Hibernius Tall (Uncle)
Desmond Tiny (grandfather)
Darren Shan (Uncle)
Steve Leonard (Uncle)
Evanna (Mother)
Vancha March (Father)
Gannen Harst (Father)
| status = Alive| universe = The Saga of Darren Shan| book appearance = Sons of Destiny| movie character = | movie appearance =| acted by =

They are the children of Evanna and Vancha March / Gannen Harst .

They can have children and can walk in the sunlight

They will create peace in the world.


Sons of Destiny