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Gender Male
Species Zombie
Relatives Father: Unnamed
Status Undead
Background Information
Book Universe Zom-B
First Book Appearance Zom-B

Tyler is a black kid who goes to the same school as B Smith.



B used to steal money from Tyler. Once Tyler's father accused B of stealing, B's father beat him up. After this, B stopped stealing from Tyler, although to her father, it was okay as he was black.

Tyler goes to the park to see is his friend is there. Once he sees B and her friends there, he leaves. B shouts after him, telling him to come to say hello. Tyler ignores her and walks off.

In school, B starts a fight with Tyler and mentions "your kind". An older black girl, Nancy, hears this and she and B have a fight.

When Tyler congratulates B for saving an Indian baby, thinking that B is changing, B hits him hard. Tyler starts to cry when B decides to then attack a bigger group of black people. Then, the zombies invade. Tyler sticks with the group B is in until the end. He showed great navigational skills and took them in the right direction in the large school. As B and the group were close to getting out through a blocked fire exit, zombies came up to them. B's father told her to throw Tyler to the zombies. B did so and Tyler was turned into a zombie.

After doing this, B became angry at herself and her father. She defied her father by going back into the school. Before B was turned into a zombie, Tyler attacked her and ripped out her heart.


Tyler is a weak but kind boy. He was bullied by B a lot but he still saw the good in her, especially when she saved the baby. Tyler congratulated her in the hopes that B was putting her racism behind her but was mistaken.