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So...Yeah. This is my profile, and I'll start with my favorite Demonata characters, worst to best.

60 - Mike: Sorry, who? He only appeared in like two pages.

59 - Liam Fitz: The only reason he isn't the worst on here is because of his name, and even though Liam isn't my name, it's pretty cool. Other than that, he did nothing.

58 - Davida Haym: WHAT A B**CH! This phsycopath doesn't deserve anything lower than 50...

57 - Loch Gossel: I can't stand this jerk. He bullies poor Bill - E, insults his DEAD mother, and rejects him for his looks. This may seem sick, but I'm GLAD he died in Blood Beast...HE wouldn't be laughing then if he experienced Bill - E's death!

56 - Amargen: Should be named: Whats his face?

55 - Reni Gossel: I hate to put Grubbs's girl this high on the list, but the way she treated Bec in Death's Shadow really made me lose some respect for her.

54 - Prae Athim: *Yawn* well, at least she wasn't supporting Antoine's ideas.

53 - Cal Grady: Cheating jerkface.

52 - Cretin: Cretin is correct.

51 - Cadaver: He's decent, I guess. I like his Slawter form much better.

50 - Gret: Poor Grubbs.

49 - Fiachna: Meh. I support Bec/Kernel or Bec/Bran.

48 - Theseus: I hate how he killed The Minotaur, but I guess he didn't mean to upset Beranabus.

47/46 - Ma/Pa Spleen: They've been funny lately.

45 - Brigitta: I hate having to put such minor characters here, but what the hell? Brigitta was sweet.

44 - Aednat: Poor Bec.