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About me[edit]

Lord Loss is epic.

Demonata Soundtrack[edit]

Some people listen to music when they read, and I'm oone of them. here are the songs i find fitting with The Demonata:

Grubbs Grady Theme: Last Legs: Orange box Soundtrack.

Bec McConn Theme: Vortal Combat: Orange Box Soundtrack.

Kernel Fleck Theme: Disrupted Individual: Orange Box Soundtrack.

Lord Loss Theme: Uneternal Sleep: Silent Hill 3 Soundtrack.

Death/The Shadow theme: Betrayal: Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack.

Demon Attack/chase scene theme: Devil's Laughter: Silent Hill Shattered Memories Soundtrack.

Kah Gash Theme: Halo: opening Suite: Halo Original Soundtrack.

Preparing for Battle: Armored Prayer: Gears of War 2 Soundtrack.

Sad Moments: Ocean On HIs Shoulders: Bioshock OST.

My contributions[edit]

My favorite pages[edit]

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