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Jamie 'JJ' Johnson

About Jamie[edit]

Jamie Johnson (born February 14th, 1991) is living in Limerick, Ireland. People call her 'JJ' because they could not be bothered using their vocal chords to say her two-syllable first name. She is a great swimmer, artist and mentalist. She is a member of her parish choir and also is apart of her school Gaelic Football team. She is known by her friends as Georgia Weasley because she is constantly getting in trouble for pranks. Jamie's favorite color is Blood Red . She also LOVES the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. She have tons of his memorbilia but most importantly she is a very big fan of Harry Potter! She has read all the films to date and cannot wait to read the next one!

Famous Quotes[edit]

Josh: Your a ghost?!

Me: No worse, I'm a girl!

Me: Why can't men wear mini-skirts?

Jonathen: I don't know, maybe 'cuz we don't want a breeze happening under the equator

Mr O'Sullivan: Please keep this interesting conversation for detention Mr.Parrow and finish your essay on Evolution.

Shaun: Why do you care if James Phelps wears boxers or briefs?

Me: Because if he wears boxers that means he has had a handy duh!

Shaun: O.O

Name Etymology[edit]

Jamie was given this name because her father, Edward, wanted a son. He was gutted when he found out it was a girl and insisted on giving her a boys name.

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