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About me[edit]

Living, breathing, proof that it is possible to like both the Cirque Du Freak and the Twilight series. Even though I give CDF a 10/10 rating (1 being I borderline like it and 10 being holy fucking shit that's the best book ever written) and Twilight a 3/10 rating...well...

Okay so about me..umm...alright I like to skateboard, ripstik, all that stuff. My favorite bands/artists are Eminem, MCR, Dot Dot Curve, Escape the Fate, Hollywood Undead, etc etc. Wow I love how that's all I can come up well Taylor Lautner is my current obsession, being hottest fucking guy in the world. Even if you're a guy you gotta agree. Yep..that's it. Hit me up (thats what she said) and I'll get back to you k bye.

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