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Jump to: navigation, search I LOVED the Cirque Du Freak books! I thought they were amazing (I also read them right after the twilight series so I had the will to live again)! I saw the movie The Vampire's Assisstant as well and was was okay in the beginning but then I was disappointed in how they left so much out and pretty much didn't look at the book. The good thing was that it wasn't like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie if anyone's seen that. At least The Vampire's Assistant followed the storyline. One question about the Vampire's Assistant: who was the monkey girl!? Was she supposed to replace Debbie Hemlock or something? I think that wasn't a good idea...and Evra didn't seem as friendly in the movie as he did in the book...they altered events alot in the middle but that battel in the end was pretty good to me. Next time they merge three books, could they at least TRY to arrange the events in chronological order?