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About me[edit]

hi. i would like to introduce myself, but by my username, i dont need to. im a such a huge fan when it comes to the cirque du freak series. i love the series so much, i feel like going to the library and reread the books till i die. even though i havent read the demonata series, i heard from many people that is really good and since mr. darren shan wrote the books i know it is good. another thing how i know mr. darren shan is a good author is that i don't normally read books which makes it difficult for me to find a good book and thanks to mr. darren shan im addicted to it. im also a vampire girl which this series really fits me but im very picky. when you read "vampire girl" you might think oh! she likes twilight and the other vampire love stories, actually i dont. you see i HATE those love stories for two reasons. one, it takes too long to get to the plot (or doesnt have one), and two, it doesnt really show what a vampire really can do, i mean there is got to be a reason why they have super-strength, super-speed, highten senses, and other powers which every vampire authors gives to their vampire character(s). so i think that is it for me, for the meantime. oh btw im not like other girls like the love stuff. also im an artist so i know if a picture has emotion or not, plus i draw a lot of pictures but most of da pictures is my photo gallery, i dont own. also i love anime and know how to draw it. drawing is one of my passions. my other passion is writing . i heard from some people that read my little stories that im a good writer, but i doubt it. the reason why i think that because i dont think im good at anything. yeah i know i have low self-esteem, but i try not to be an ego-maniac again. if you guys want to see my picture(s), i just put some up in my photo gallery. there are the ones at bottom. you could tell which ones are mine. that is it for now.

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