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About me[edit]

Welcome! I am Helen and I am pleased to meet you!

I think, for now, I am primarily on here for the Darren Shan Wiki, so I shall start off by highlighting that aspect of my personality... I have been a Darren Shan fan since 2004 after a friend bought me book nine of the Saga of Darren Shan book. I remember reading it thinking "Who is Darren?! Who is Debbie?! Who is Mr. Crepsley?! I don't know but this book is fabulous!" and since then I have gone on to acquire all his books aside from the City Trilogy which I have kept meaning to buy but never got round to it... However, I have them on my E-reader so all is not lost! All my books are signed as of the 29th May 2011, the second signing I have attended.

Apart from reading Darren Shan novels, I enjoy art (both viewing it and creating it), music (I play piano, guitar, a bit of drums and I sing classically), wildlife and animals, and a plethora of other subjects and topics! I am incredibly passionate about the English language and grammar.

I am not one for TV, but I do like Doctor Who, Sherlock and Supernatural...

I like going for walks with my dog, Watson (yes, named after Doctor Watson) and, now I have fourteen weeks ahead of me with nothing to fill them with, I shall be going for plenty of strolls.

If you would like to chat, do not hesitate! I will be happy to converse with anyone who shares some common interests with me!

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