Vampire Mountain (location)

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The Vampire Mountain from the manga by Arai Takahiro

Vampire Mountain is the location of a gathering by the vampire clan which occurs every 12 years. The path to Vampire Mountain is very treacherous and vampire cannot flit there (except during the War of Scars) as it is against the vampire code, so there is a way station where they can rest on the way. Vampire Mountain is a place where Vampires gather every 12 years for Council to discuss how close to death they were or other fun thrilling stories. Going to Vampire Mountain is not only a trip but a challenge of determination, strength, endurance, and courage. Vampires have the ability to flit anywhere across the world but not going to or leaving Vampire Mountain. No Vampire ever takes the same route to Vampire Mountain- they're always different paths. Wolves gather at council also to eat the many scraps of the feast which partakes during council.