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A Vampire Prince is one of the leaders of the Vampire clan. They are highly respected and obeyed by all. Most vampires become princes due to the strength they possess, however, there have been known to have been exceptions, such as in the case of Kurda Smahlt and Darren Shan. Kurda Smahlt was elected to be a prince because of his intelligence, but he did not because he had betrayed the clan and was subsequently sentenced to death in the Hall of death. Darren was elected because no other vampire wanted him to die and only a prince can fail the Trials of Initiation and not be killed.

Known Princes

Arrow, Paris, Mika (from left to right) from the manga by Takahiro Arai


Vampire Princes have the same amount of powers as any other vampire. The only other power they have that the vampires don't is that they have the ability to open the Hall of Princes. They are authoritative figures and no one will disobey their judgment. They can fail the Trials of Initiation as many times as they want, without being taken to the Hall of Death.

Hall of Princes[edit]

The Hall of Princes is where the princes usually reside during the day. They listen to the other vampires there and all of their problems. During the war against the Vampaneze, it was the main operations base inside Vampire Mountain. Only a Vampire Prince or Mr. Tiny can open its door. the Hall of Princes was built by Desmond Tiny's Little People and he even says he is willing to have them tear it down if they don't listen to him.