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Profession Lord Loss' familiar
Gender Female
Species Demonata
Relatives Artery (brother)
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata

Vein is a character from Darren Shan's The Demonata series of books. She is one of Lord Loss's favourite familiars, and the sister of Artery.

The Demonata[edit]

Lord Loss (book)[edit]

Vein is one of the two Demons, along with Artery, that fight against Grubbs and Dervish Grady when trying to cure Bill-E's lycanthropy. Grubbs 'kills' her then only to have Artery heal her up again. Lord Loss blows her up when she disobeyed him by continuing to bite Dervish Grady.

Demon Thief[edit]

She, many, many years earlier is by Lord Loss's side and is one of his favourite Demons and will do whatever her master says so. She also seems to live in his castle, as seen when she collects the original board in the chess room .

Bec (book)[edit]

She accompanies Lord Loss when he is following Bec McConn around in the time before Bec 'died'. It is known that in Bec (book) Bran, also known as Beranabus, was able to control vein. He could whistle to her and rub her belly, making her as harmless as a guineapig.


Vein is described as an 'obscene' creature with the body of a 'very large dog'. She has the head of a crocodile and feet that resemble the hands of a female human.


Vein, like many deamons, likes killing humans. According to lord Loss, he perfered Vein and Artery because they were most entertaining when set loose upon humans.

Short Stories[edit]